Bumpdate: week 31!



IMG_8077 3





At home things are great, thankfully the weather is starting to cool off a little! I’m not looking forward to wearing pants, but the heat was getting a little unbearable with this extra weight on!! Annabelle and Alexander are both in school programs now, which opens up a little independent mommy time for me! I haven’t even started with a to-do list for baby yet, so I’m going to have a lot of work to do these last few weeks!! Having said all that, I’m starting to get really, really excited now that the final weeks are nearing! I will miss this bump though!! 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress: this empire waist, shades of turquoise dress is so pretty and comfy!! In fact I’m lucky enough to have it in two colors! This dress was a gift from my mom, who has impeccable style and taste! Unfortunately there is no indication of where it is from or what size it is, but if your looking for a late pregnancy dress that’s flattering, keep your eyes open for a cut similar to this. You won’t be disappointed!! 

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