Bows for Belles, With SmockingBird Kids

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Happy Summer, it’s finally here. I have both girls with me full time now that school is out and Alexander is still in Montessori for one more week. This is the first time that I’m with Annabelle and Angelina together and I have to say, we are having a great time. We like to do the same things (shopping !) and sing the same songs (Shake it off!!). It’s the sort of sisterhood that I’ve always dreamed of. The trust and ease of being with family and having fun. I hope the girls enjoy this as much as I do.

I have a letter that I’ve written to my girls:

Dear Annabelle and Angelina,

You are so sweet together and you love each other so much. Annabelle you are such a great big Sister and are so protective of Angelina. Angelina in return adores Annabelle and her face lights up when she hears her voice or sees her face. I hope that your bond continues to grow stronger as the years go on, and you will always look out for each other. I hope you will continue to cheer each other up if one of you is in despair and look to each other for hope and comfort. I know that I am a stronger and better person because I have you in my life. I know that you will draw the same strength from each other.


your proud Mother

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress : SmockingBird Kids || Shoes : Target || Bow : Libby Lou Boutique

Angelina’s Choice: Bubble Dress: SmockingBird Kids || Bow : Claire’s Accessories


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