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So clearly if you’ve been following along with me for a little while you would have noticed that I’m a sucker for cute little dresses. Why might you ask is this the one item I always gravitate towards for all occasions? I’ve broken it down for you point by point, if you aren’t a “dress” believer maybe you will consider these reasons for why it’s my fool proof, top item of clothing I always go for! 

It’s just one item!

Seems so obvious, but if you purchase or pack along a dress for an occasion your outfit is complete! No top, no bottom. Tuck in? Tuck out? No questions, It’s easy peasy!

It’s pulled together

When wearing a dress you look like you’ve made an effort (even though it just takes a moment to slip into!) You won’t risk looking sloppy or informal if you have a dress on. It screams, ” I tried!” and that’s simple!

Dress up or down

No pun intended but one dress can cross over into two different occasions so easily! Match with slippers or sneakers for a quick, comfy, casual vibe. Kick it up with a heel for a more formal dressy look. 

So basically, those are my simple secrets to having the perfect pulled together on the go look! These days I have no time for outfit planning, or packing. I’m literally just relying on a few good dresses to bring me through the summer and I’m counting on them being easy, pretty and effortless. ♥

Thank you for checking in! What kind of dress do you think is the most flattering?! 

Stephany’s Choice: Dress : ASOS (Similar here) and (Similar here) and (Similar here)  || Shoes : TOPSHOP (Similar here) and (Similar here

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