Black is the new black, with Pinkblush





Goodbye January, and hello gorgeous weather!! Yes, I am wearing scrappy open toe high heels!! It feels like springtime and we are loving every minute of it!Wearing lighter layers and not battling the elements lifts one more stress factor off my plate and that makes life a lot easier! Michael was traveling for business all week so it was the first time I was home alone with all three kids. Luckily Annabelle and Alexander are both at school everyday otherwise I think it would have been too overwhelming. I must say I am so proud of them both. They are adjusting really well to having a new baby at home and have been remarkably patient. Annabelle has come a really long way and naturally became my little assistant. As long as we are able to ward off the sniffles and colds from school and day care I think we will make it through another winter day, and busy week ahead.

I love a cute classic trench!! This adorable black one from PinkBlush has these cute chunky brown buttons and comes in several sweet colors. Best part is how versatile this piece is, from day to night, mommy to wife, winter to fall, it’s my new all time-anytime look!! How many pieces in your closet do you feel this way about? When you have something that is multifunctional like this you free up a ton of space in your closet (so then you can do more shopping!!) 

Stephany’s Choice: Coat : PinkBlush // Heels: ZARA // Clutch : Sarah’s Bags // Ring: Alexander McQueen

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