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This little girl is so spunky I can hardly keep up with her! Spending all this summer vaca time together is a lot of fun, but I forget how much of a busy bee she actually is. She has so many questions and I try my best to make sure I answer them as accurately and openly as I can. Her questions are so specific as well…”What age was I went we first traveled to France?” or ” What do you remember about the last time we were in Monaco?” One of the things we’ve been doing in our down time at home is watching some of my favorite childhood musicals, Sound of Music, anyone?! So, Annabelle’s favorite part is when Maria marries the Captain. I just ducked in now to re-watch it with her (she kept it on pause for me!) and it’s remarkable how stunning it still is, even today. So elegant, so perfect. I love reliving these magic moments of my childhood with Annabelle and watching her fall in love with them too. One  thing that sort of struck me at the beginning of the movie, is Maria! And how eerily similar she is to Annabelle ” how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?!” It clicked. Annabelle is just like Maria, it’s so funny how life really does come full circle. 

This sweet little dress got Annabelle so much attention the day she wore it. People kept stopping her and saying , “Well, Hello Cinderella” or ” are you Snow White?!” In fact it’s not technically a princess dress, but I think there is something quite elegant and regal about it! Not only that but the best part?! Make it personal with a monogram! 

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress: SMOCKING BIRD KIDS + it’s on Sale || Shoes : KEDS || Bow : LIBBY LOU BOUTIQUE 

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