Annabelle turns S I X !!


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Happy birthday to my special girl Annabelle!! I can’t believe you are six years old already. We have been on this wonderful journey together and I am so proud of the little girl you have grown into. Smart, creative, sensitive, inquisitive, sharp, fun loving, fancy and just so much more. I enjoy your company now more than ever. My tiny bestie. I can’t believe you can already read, write, add, subtract, multiply. Now you are growing out of the Disney Princesses and on to Taylor Swift and Katy Perry!! Driving home from school singing “BAD BLOOD” at the top of your lungs. A complete and total busy body and crafter. When we run out of paper you start coloring on the tissue boxes, the napkins, the cereal boxes, on and on. I’m so worried I will forget these precious moments, the words, the stories the drama! Below are 12 fun facts we came up with together. Most of them were her questions, I feel they capture her essence. Happy birthday my little Princess, I love you more than you can ever know 

12 Fun Facts about Annabelle on her 6th birthday 

Favorite number:


Favorite color:


Favorite food:

Cotton Candy

Favorite drink (her idea):

Hot Chocolate AND Hot Cocoa (don’t think I’ve had hot “cocoa before!!”) lol

Favorite shape (her idea):

A diamond and a heart

Favorite letter (her idea)

A (” like ABC!”)

When I grow up I want to be a:

Ballerina and The Queen (“So then you could be the Queen Mother!”)

Favorite Addition problem (her idea – then she goes “what is addition”)

3+2= 5

Favorite Animal:

Pegasus and a butterfly and a swan

Favorite Flower:

A rose and a tulip

 Favorite thing (her idea):

A tree with White and pink flowers in the Spring

Favorite Toy (her idea)

Pinkie bear and My little Pony Doll

Annabelle’s Choice: Dress : DISNEY || Shoes : DISNEY || Balloon : PARTY CITY ||

Location : KIDS ART DALLAS || Photography: FADY KHAYAT || Guest Editor : ANN KHAYAT


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